MATLAB in Robotics

In recent years, many robots are possessed with the image analysis feature for recognizing objects. Most of them may think how these quality works are done by robots. Therefore, it is your time to get known to these facts. MATLAB is a software tool that is commonly used for performing image processing in the robots. I think that it may not be a fair job to carry on before showing off some of the general notes on MATLAB.

Introduction of MATLAB:

MATLAB (elaborately known as Matrix Laboratory) is the interactive programming software that is designed with “Fourth Generation Programming Language.” It was developed by Cleve Moler in 1970. During 1984, Cleve Moler combined with Jack Little to redevelop the MATLAB in C programming language. Later, both opened MathWorks for further development. In many educational institutes, MATLAB was used to teach Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis.

MATLAB is mostly used for doing computational tasks on High Level Mathematics. However, it has also been used in various fields like science, engineering, etc. It is currently updated with many different latest features, and it is delivering its better performance in almost all fields.

Image processing using MATLAB:

Image processing is a form of signal processing, which uses image as input and output. Generally, an image can be of two or three dimensional array. In MATLAB, this array or matrix is manipulated. The picture shown below defines you the several stages of image processing in MATLAB.

An image acquisition device can be a video camera, which is used for capturing images. The image captured either with the help of digital or analogue cameras can be used as the input. Most importantly, these cameras should be capable of delivering images at different resolutions.

Digital cameras like CCD or CMOS sensor are those which have the direct connection with the PC using USB port. Meanwhile, analogue cameras require a grabbing card for connecting with PC. In MATLAB, Augmented Reality is currently used for capturing the live video streams of the real world. It is directly interfaced with the PC (Image Processor), and MATLAB uses inbuilt software called adaptors for accessing or communicating with this device.

Image analysis can be done by extracting some of the functional details from the captured images. Therefore, if there is a requirement for identifying an object, then several robust characteristics of an object like color, pattern, edges, intensity, and structure must be noted.

The final stage of image processing is the machine control in which a robot is controlled according to the details obtained from image analysis. For example, if a robot needs to identify a ball, it captures images in front of it, sends it to PC, and analyses it with the MATLAB program. If the image input and program output are satisfied, then it detects it as a ball. Otherwise, it goes on searching for a ball by this method.

Overall, MATLAB is used in robots for detecting or tracking an image by determining some of the parameters like location, size, shape, contour, etc., and planning decisions based on it.

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