Autonomous Quadrotor MeCam streams video to your Smartphone

Always Innovating, a well known company for its Touch Book and Smart Book has come up with a new flying video camera called as MeCam. It is a palm-sized autonomous quadrotor that has four spinning rotors to keep them aloft. It is capable of following you by itself to stream live video to your smartphone. It also packs several exciting features with it, and let us have a short look at it:

No Remote Control:

MeCam can be controlled by two ways such as:

  • Voice Control – It understands several voice commands like move up or down
  • Follow Me – You can enable ‘follow me’ feature to follow you around while capturing mesmerizing video


  • Always Innovating Module
  • ARM Cortex A9 processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth


MeCam incorporates 14 different sensors to avoid obstacles in its path. It also has stabilization technology to capture non-shaky videos on the move. Moreover, it allows you to share the videos to Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Availability and Price:

The company has started licensing the design of MeCam products, and expected to release it in early 2014 for a price of $49.

You can catch the action of MeCam in the below video:


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