Meka’s robot gets expressive eyes

According to me, the humanoid robots are the most fascinating and useful innovation in this world. The reason is that the appearance of these robots, and their way of walking, talking, running, and other features are almost similar to a human being. Apart from these features, the humanoid robots lack a major thing. They are the expressive faces, which would be very helpful in understanding the feeling of a robot. To make it possible, Professor Luis Sentis from University of Texas in Austin has created the Meka’s anime robot with communicative eyes and ears.

Technical details of Meka’s robot:

Meka’s robot was first shown to the public in the Intelligent Robots and System (IROS) 2011 event that took place at San Francisco last month. Many people came forward to see this wonderful and social looking humanoid robot head. This head was somewhat similar to a girl’s cartoon face, but the way it reacted to everyone was awesome.

The head of this humanoid robot consists of seven degrees of freedom, and has the capability to make plenty of expressions on its face. It is designed with two most expressive human-like eyes, which are powered by the high – resolution FireWire cameras. For additional attraction, it also has two beautiful RGB colored anime ears. The ears are made up with two degrees of freedom.

Meka’s robot operates on the Willow Garage’s ROS (Robot operating system) software. This robot makes use of a zero – backlash harmonic drive gear heads on its neck. It is equipped with an A2 compliant arm, which possesses seven degrees of freedom. It also has a force controlled actuators on its arm for responding to the push and touch.

Meka’s anime girl robot is priced for $300,000 USD. Overall, I think that this robot could have been even more attractive and expressive if it had a mouth on its face.

Watch this video for having live experience on this expressive robot.

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