Mobile robot work cells

Mobile robot work cell comes under the category of the robot cell layouts. Robot-centered work cell and In-line robot work cell are also one of the categories in this cell design.

In the mobile robot work cells, the robots are arranged to move at different places in the cell. It is made possible by attaching the robot in a movable bottom, which is connected to the rail system. This system can be done by either anyone of the following methods:

  • Overhead rail system
  • Floor track system

The pictures of overhead rail system and floor track system are shown above:

Comparison of the rail systems:

When comparing the floor track system and overhead rail systems, two things can be described:

  • The overhead rail system looks to be the best one in terms of floor space. The reason is that it requires less floor space than the floor track system.
  • The cost for constructing the floor track system is very lower than the overhead rail system.

Design of mobile robot work cells:

If a robot examines several machines for a longer period, then mobile robot work cell will be the perfect choice. During this process, the robot will be mostly employed in the tasks than being in idle times.

If this process is not applied, then separate robot will be required to perform this process, which causes less usage of the robot. It is said so because each robot should wait until the process gets finished in the production machine.

A mobile robot cell has a problem in its design for identifying the best possible machines that a robot requires to examine. Moreover, this problem helps to increase the machines in the work cell without providing any idle times to the machines.

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