Nanorobots could keep you young and healthy

Everyone will usually think to be young even they get aged. This could someday become real with the help of nanorobots. Robert Freitas hopes that if this technology grows up, then aged appearance could be replaced to a biological age every year. In a magazine article, he has explained how this will be made possible.

Robert Freitas has developed smart bots smaller than RBC (red blood cells), which are capable of traveling through the human body for repairing injured DNA and killing the harmful pathogens. It is built of carbon atoms, and driven by utilizing glucose (or natural sugars) and oxygen in the human body.

These nanorobots could cure problems, reinforce, and improve the state of all parts of the human body. It could help in recovering aged muscles, bones, teeth, and eye sight to a biologically ideal condition. The bots would leave the human body through urine after its works are completed. Freitas feels that it will definitely be an inexpensive health tool in the near future.

Moreover, Robert Freitas gives an example of a medical nanorobot from his invention. The respirocyte is one of his creations, which includes eighteen billions of atoms and nine billions of oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules. During comparison, it holds 200 times a more capacity than the human blood cells. It certainly provides enhanced energy to a person.

The microbivores is another nanorobot invention of Freitas. It consists of artificial WBC (white blood cells), which can identify the harmful blood borne pathogens like virus, fungi, and bacteria. It is capable of curing the infections very quickly even for clearing the antibiotic-based problems. Additionally, it could be used for destroying circulatory obstacles, tumors, etc.

Finally, Robert Freitas explains about chromallocytes that are used for identifying the aged cells and replacing those cells with a new one. This replacement will also destroy other death-causing diseases in the human body.

Robert Freitas believes that these nanorobots could be for clinical trials before 2020. Overall, this nanorobotic technology will be a great health tool in the future for reducing aged appearance and increasing healthy lifespan.

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