Navigation of nanorobots

Nanorobot is one of the most useful inventions in the nanotechnology field. It is typically made to cure medical problems of a patient. This includes repairing DNA structures, clearing blockages in the coronary arteries, breaking stones in the kidney, and so on. Nanorobots are sent inside the human body to perform these tasks (an image of this performance is shown in the above picture). It will navigate on the blood stream either with the help of internal systems or external systems.

Nanorobots with internal navigation systems will generally include various sensors like spectroscopic, chemical, etc. The chemical sensors will allow a nanorobot to reach the desired location by identifying the path of specific chemicals. Similarly, the spectroscopic sensors will help a nanorobot to find the right path by collecting and analyzing the samples of nearby tissues.

Nanorobots can also navigate inside a human body by using different external navigation systems such as:

  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) device
  • Ultrasonic signals
  • Radioactive dye
  • X-rays
  • Microwaves & Radio waves

The magnetic field in a nanorobot will allow the doctors to find and trail it inside a human body using MRI machine. It could be a great option because the MRI device is now available in most of the hospitals. Therefore, these hospitals might not have the necessity to buy other technologies for navigating the nanorobots.

The doctors will pass ultrasonic signals into the human body, and the nanorobot in turn will produce pulses of ultrasonic signals. The doctors will recognize it with the help of ultrasonic sensors. This technique allows the doctors to follow and direct a nanorobot to the specified path of a human body.

Another method for tracking the nanorobots can be done by injecting the radioactive dye into the human body. In this case, the doctors will use a fluoroscope device to spot out the movement of radioactive dye. It will deliver 3D images for recognizing the location of a nanorobot.

Click here to watch the video of nanorobots inside a human body.

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