Nao robot avatar brushes a cat remotely

Taylor Veltrop, a software engineer has crafted the teleoperation of a robot for brushing a cat. Before entering into this topic, you should watch the below video to see how the Nao humanoid robot brushes a cat. This would quickly help you to get stick with this interesting invention.

I feel that you will be very much impressed by the way this robot performed, and you may suddenly think it is not a great thing that a Nao is capable of. The task may be a simple one, but making the robot to perform this function, and the development cost was highly amazing.

There are several hardware and software available to perform this process effectively. They are listed below with their capabilities:

  • HMD (Head Mounted Display) – It allows the user to see via the secondary camera (robotís eyes).
  • Wiimotes – There are two Wiimotes, and each robotís hand gets equipped with one.
  • Treadmill – It is used to make the robot move around the room.
  • Kinect sensor – It helps in tracking the movement of a body such as bending, and turning.

A Nao acts as the robot avatar in this process, which is mostly used for research purposes and almost known to everyone. It has 21 DOF (degrees of freedom) and ultrasonic sensors for controlling its stability and positioning. This robot is operated with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity or other complex software.

Overall, the result was astonishing and accurate except the robot hits the head of the cat at the very end.

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