Neato Unveils XV Signature Series with High Vacuum Power

Neato Robotics, a Silicon Valley company founded on an idea to create robots to free people from household chores. Their first robot was released in 2010, and today, the intelligent laser guidance system acts as the heart of all Neato robotic vacuums.

The new research done by Neato Robotics results in the development of new Neato XV Signature Series Vacuum Robots. The research confirms that people don’t like to invest more time in cleaning and requires a cleaner home.

Neato XV Signature Series include two versions: Neato XV Signature and Neato XV Signature Pro. Both these vacuum robots feature a unique aerodynamic design, which allows them to maneuver below the furniture and close corners to clean out the dirt, dust, pet hair, and debris.

High Vacuum Power:

  • The new XV Signature Series is capable of picking up 50% more dust with its high-powered vacuum.
  • The new vacuum design can clean efficiently in any kind of floors such as wood, carpet, tile, etc.
  • It can take out particles of 3 microns size from air stream with the help of its high-performance filters.

Advanced Technologies:

  • Neato’s new Laser Guided Navigation system allows the robot to map a room automatically and select a better path for cleaning effectively.
  • The robots can be scheduled for spot cleanings, daily cleanings, or instant cleanings using the Control Center.
  • The Smart Sensor Technology helps the robot to avoid obstacles and falling from stairs autonomously.
  • If the battery gets low while cleaning, the robot moves to the recharge base automatically. Once the recharge is complete, it can continue cleaning from where it has left before.


  • Neato has also introduced the new versions of the Neato Robot software and the Neato Software Update Tool.
  • The existing Neato users can upgrade to this new Software Update Tool for free.
  • The upgrade includes a couple of improvements such as Corner Clever and improved Navigation system.

Price and Availability:

Neato XV Signature & Signature Pro will cost $399 & $449 respectively. It will be available for sale from April, and the visitors can purchase from the Neato Robotics website directly.

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