DARPA LS3 Robot Moves to New Heights with New Additional Features

DARPA has recently revealed a video of Legged Squad Support System (LS3) with new exciting features. The main purpose of LS3 is to carry a high payload from one place to another in a battle field. Besides, the researchers have added more value to it with numerous stuffs like high carrying capacity up to 400 pounds for 20 miles over a day. It sounds great but it still gets new updates as the days go by. A quick overview of its newly added features is listed below:

New updates of LS3 Robot:

  • Trained to follow the leader via its own preferred path or leader’s exact footpaths
  • Understands up to ten voice commands like sit, stay, stop, follow, and roll over
  • Autonomously travels between GPS waypoints with 0% illumination
  • Capable of travelling to a specified place alone with GPS navigation
  • Gets to its moving position automatically when it rolls down
  • Moves quickly in structured areas up to 11.2 kilometers per hour
  • Comfortably navigates in dense environments
  • Reduced noise level up to 70 dB
  • Charges iPod and other mobile devices

The above mentioned updates in LS3 robot are shown in the below tested video:

DARPA LS3 quadruped robot is under the experimental stage, and it will be in the troop of the Marine Corps Advanced Warfighting Experiment by next year. It is said that LS3 will be tested every three months for the next two years on various terrains, and let us hope for many more new exciting videos in the coming years.


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