Next generation NAO humanoid robot gets impressive features

Recently, NAO humanoid robot was attracted by many peoples in the Robotville festival 2011. Now, this little attractive robot is upgraded with several impressive features by Aldebaran Robotics. When compared with its older version, the outside part of the new version has not got much difference. However, there are various exciting changes made in the inside part.

Voice-recognition software:

The new version NAO adds voice-recognition software known as Nuance. It is also included with a Word Spotting technology, which helps to perform several functions like recognizing words and removing one word from a long sentence. It consists of four microphones for identifying the voice commands or noises. It is also capable of speaking in eight languages fluently via two loudspeakers.


A most interesting change in the new version is its inbuilt Intel 1.60 GHz Atom processor. This feature provides multitasking ability, and also increases the computing capacities of the robot.

Degrees of freedom:

This cute looking robot measures 23 inches tall, and weighs five kilograms. It is equipped with 25 degrees of freedom (DOF). Moreover, it gains whole-body motion facility as well.

High Definition cameras:

The latest NAO is incorporated with two high definition cameras at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which allows it to perform two video streams at the same time. Even during bad lighting circumstances, it has got the ability to recognize human faces and other parts very easily.

Smart torque control:

NAO has a new system called as smart torque control implemented with it for preventing from collisions, adaptive walking feature, and so on. When the robot feels like falling down, it suddenly holds other actions and keeps its limbs in front of it to avoid any damages.

Battery capacity:

NAO makes use of a 27.6 watt-hour battery that is capable of providing up to 1.50 hours and even more according to the usage. It also gets required power when it is on the move.

Miscellaneous features:

This new humanoid robot includes Choregraphe Programmation software, eight pressure sensors, Anti Self Collision system, prehensile hands, and inertial sensor. It also has several communication facilities such as Wi-Fi, Infra-Red, and Ethernet.

Overall, I like to conclude by saying that this new gen NAO will definitely be useful for the humans as like a friend.

A video showing the features of new gen NAO is given below:

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