Novatiq designs SCORP throwable robot

Novatiq, a Swiss company is ready to rock the robotics field with its first SCORP throwable robot. It is a rough, lightweight, and small Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MUGV) especially made for scouting and surveillance applications.

Features of SCORP robot:

SCORP is designed at a compact size of 34 cm long, 27 cm wide and 12 cm high. As it weighs only 7.70 lb (3.50 kg), it can be easily carried everywhere. It is capable of carrying objects up to a weight of 6.0 lb (3.0 kg). Moreover, it can move at a high speed of 5.0 mph (8.0 km/h).

This robot is equipped with a robotic arm, radios, sensors, and standard battery. It has four cameras with Infrared illuminators for clear night views, and tilts at +/- 90 degrees. It can also support an additional external battery for increasing the working time for up to six hours.

SCORP incorporates a handheld panel control with a 6.50 inches touch screen display. The size of this wearable controller measures a height of 360 mm, width of 200 mm, and thickness of 50 – 70 mm, and it weighs only 4.20 lb (1.90 kg). The robot and its accessories are controlled with the help of dual joysticks. It also implements a battery, which provides up to five hours of operating time.

The wearable controller can control the robot up to 500 meters distance. In some cases, the contact between the robot and controller may be lost. At this time, the robot goes back automatically to restore its communication.

SCORP throwable robot will be released on March 2012 by Novatiq at a starting price of US $10,750 (CHF 10,500). It is also planned to launch many accessories like PTZ camera, outdoor navigation, biochemical detector, rugged tablet PC, etc. on the coming years.

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