Oculus telepresence robot uses netbook as brain

An Oculus telepresence robot permits a user to communicate via video conferencing with other peoples present at another place, and also allow the user to move it around that place. It uses an existing netbook as its ears, eyes, mouth, and even as its brain. This robot was made by a Canadian Industrial Designer called as Colin Adamson.

An Oculus telepresence robot uses two motorized wheels for transportation. It includes an adjustable frame for placing a netbook or laptop, which should have a screen size of less than 10.0 inches or equal. It is also capable of working with some 11.0 inches and old netbooks as well. An Arduino microcontroller is built-in to send the commands to the device.

This netbook robot can be controlled by an Android mobile, iOS, tablet, or a computer through an internet connection. It integrates an open-source rig developed by open source JAVA software. Generally, a webcam in the netbook allows the user to see only in a straight path. Therefore, a servo-controlled tilting periscope is lined up with the computer’s webcam for looking up. It also includes a dual-LED headlight (optional) for seeing at dark times.

The motion of the Oculus robot can be ordered with the help of a tilt-to-steer function. It can work continuously for about two hours by using the netbook battery. If the power of the battery gets low, it goes to the auto-docking charging base. It finds this dock automatically by using the graphic shown in the charger through its webcam.

Now, the founder of the Oculus telepresence robot is raising funds for producing a commercial product. A single robot will cost around US $225 for those who contribute to this project, or otherwise it will retail for a price of US $270. Still, there is no announcement in including a mechanical arm to it.

Overall, an Oculus telepresence robot will be useful in saving your home or office from the thefts if you are in a long business or family tour.

A video of this netbook robot is shown below:

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