First Unmanned Wave Glider Reaches Its Final Destination

Four Autonomous Wave Gliders designed by Liquid Robotics have started their sailing across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco on 17th November 2011.

All these robots are steered together till Hawaii, and there from one pair (Fontaine Maru and Piccard Maru) have moved to Japan and other (Papa Mau and Benjamin) to Australia. Among the four robots, Papa Mau has reached its final destination in Australia. An interesting video of its journey is shown above.

Papa Mau has finished its one-year long drive in Hervey Bay, Queensland. It has travelled approximately 16,668 kilometers (9000 nautical miles), and sets a new world record for the longest distance travelled by an unmanned ocean boat. It has managed to keep it safe from strong winds and invasive sharks.

Benjamin (Australia) is expected to reach its final destination early next year. Due to some problem, one wave glider heading towards Japan is in Hawaii and it will start its trip soon.

Liquid Robotics

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