Quadrocopters to construct six – meter high tower

Robot designer Raffaello D’Andrea and Architects Gramazio & Kohler have planned to build a six – meter high tower completely by the flying robots known as ‘Quadrocopters’. France’s FRAC centre in Orleans will host an exhibition from 2nd December, 2011 to 19th February, 2012 under the title “Flight Assembled Architecture.”

The tower that is to be built by quadrocopters will measure 6.0 meters (19.70 feet) height and 3.5 meters (11.50 feet) diameter. It will be made within the airspace of 10 x 10 x 10 meters (32.80 x 32.80 x 32.80 feet). This tower will be of twist style and contains 1500 polystyrene foam bricks.

The quadrocopters are designed to act together for performing several functions such as carrying the bricks, and constructing the tower. Every single quadrocopter is capable of travelling in the pre – programmed flight paths at high accuracy with the help of inbuilt sensors and custom electronics. A control room provides the commands to these quadrocopters wirelessly. To prevent two or more quadrocopters from collisions, the fleet management technology is used. This technology also allows the flying robots to perform vehicle calibration, charging, and automatic routine landings & take offs.

Watch the below video to see the different moves made by the quadrocopters.

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