Swarm of quadrotors play James Bond theme music

At late January, the researchers of GRASP (General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception) lab at University of Pennsylvania released a video of their nano quadrotors with various complex formations. This video now has over 5.5 millions views, which certainly shows the success of this robotic flying device.

After this achievement, the researchers have recently displayed another video of their nano quadrotors at the TED 2012 conference in California. This video brings a swarm of quadrotors together for performing James Bond theme music on different musical instruments.

In this display, the quadrotors are placed in a room with cameras and infrared lights. Each flying device includes reflectors on their struts, which helps the camera to find out their exact position in the room. Then, that information is communicated wirelessly back to the quadrotors for ensuring their own place.

The quadrotors are then assigned with sequence of waypoints in three-dimensional space by the lab members. This certainly helps each robot to reach the desired point at the exact time. In this case, the best method for determining the precise waypoint and avoiding collision with other devices is up to the robots.

The below video shows you the musical performance of the nano quadrotors:

The important reason for demonstrating this performance was to show the abilities of the quadrotors for performing some critical tasks like launching wireless communication relays, surveying landscapes, and building structures.

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