Raven II surgical robots

Raven II is the name given to the surgery robot, which was developed by the researchers of University of Washington and the University of California, Santa Cruz. They designed seven Raven II robots (three of these robots are shown in the left picture) with the fund provided by the National Science Foundation.

Raven II is an open source surgical robot that is developed with a video camera, a pair of end effectors, compact electronics, and seven degrees of freedom. A surgeon can control the grippers and operate on a simulated patient by using the interface system, which is compatible with ROS (Robot Operating System) software. Each robot is capable of connecting together with the help of aninternet connection. Moreover, it is expected that the open-source platform will help the groups to work collectively, share software, and reproduce experiments.

It is said that five Raven II surgical robots are going to be shipped at the end of this month to the medical robotics scientists at the Johns Hopkins University, UC Berkeley, Harvard University, University of Nebraska, and UCLA. The remaining two robots will be at University of California, Santa Cruz and University of Washington. Additionally, four universities are ready to obtain these surgical robots for their own researches.

The below video shows you the movement of Raven II end effectors.

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