Robotics Research

Robotics Research is a book consisting of presentations published at the 14th ISRR (International Symposium of Robotic Research). For your information, the ISRR is an event of the IFRR (International Foundation of Robotic Research), which takes place every two years. The fourteenth edition of this biennial meeting was happened at Lucerne, Switzerland (31-Aug-2009 to 3-Sep-2009).

A total of 48 presentations were published at the ISRR 2009. It includes papers requested and chosen by IFRR from the top robotics researchers and 66 submissions from others. At last, 42 papers were published into eight parts, including:

  • Navigation
  • Control and Planning
  • Human Robot Interaction
  • Manipulation and Humanoids
  • Learning
  • Mapping
  • Multi-Robot Systems
  • Micro/ Nano Robotics

This robotics book features many advanced researches done in robotics with outstanding pictures. If you want one, get it for just 179.95 at Springer.

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