Stay connected with robots via IEEE Spectrumís iPad App

IEEE Spectrum, an award-winning Automation Blog unleashes its first iPad App for Robots on iTunes. This app is packed with several astonishing features, which will certainly grab the attention of all the robotics lovers. Moreover, its appearance and performance will attract the people those have less interest in robotics.

This app includes the complete details of 126 famous robots featuring right from the first industrial robot Unimate to Hondaís Asimo humanoid robot. It provides a new look to its daily robotics coverage with a cute animation. You can also learn, play, and get guidance on starting your robotics career from the voices of great roboticsts like Colin Angle and Rodney Brooks.

Apart from all these features, it stands on the top with its interactive graphics. It helps the users to watch the robot videos with high performance, and access pictures for full 360-degree rotation.

This robot app from IEEE Spectrum is priced US $5, and available in iTunes. I personally think that it is an app to have in our iPad to learn and explore our knowledge on robotics, and I thank IEEE Spectrum for their wonderful contribution in educating people with entertainment.

Get the app from iTunes.

You can watch its outstanding appearance and performance in the below video:

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