Robot magnetic grippers

Magnetic grippers are most commonly used in a robot as an end effector for grasping the ferrous materials. It is another type of handling the work parts other than the mechanical grippers and vacuum grippers.

Types of magnetic grippers:

The magnetic grippers can be classified into two common types, namely:

Magnetic grippers with

  • Electromagnets
  • Permanent magnets


Electromagnetic grippers include a controller unit and a DC power for handling the materials. This type of grippers is easy to control, and very effective in releasing the part at the end of the operation than the permanent magnets. If the work part gripped is to be released, the polarity level is minimized by the controller unit before the electromagnet is turned off. This process will certainly help in removing the magnetism on the work parts. As a result, a best way of releasing the materials is possible in this gripper.

Permanent magnets:

The permanent magnets do not require any sort of external power as like the electromagnets for handling the materials. After this gripper grasps a work part, an additional device called as stripper push – off pin will be required to separate the work part from the magnet. This device is incorporated at the sides of the gripper.

The advantage of this permanent magnet gripper is that it can be used in hazardous applications like explosion-proof apparatus because of no electrical circuit. Moreover, there is no possibility of spark production as well.


  • This gripper only requires one surface to grasp the materials.
  • The grasping of materials is done very quickly.
  • It does not require separate designs for handling different size of materials.
  • It is capable of grasping materials with holes, which is unfeasible in the vacuum grippers.


  • The gripped work part has the chance of slipping out when it is moving quickly.
  • Sometimes oil in the surface can reduce the strength of the gripper.
  • The machining chips may stick to the gripper during unloading.

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