Robot Operating Techniques

A robot certainly requires a system for operating their various external mechanisms in the programming stage. Some important robot operating techniques are:

  • Manual Data Input Panel
  • Teach Pendant
  • Computer Control

Manual Data Input Panel:

The manual data input panel is shortly called as MDI. It is mainly used to perform three processes such as to enter the data in the program and program control registers, and to edit the data in the program.

There are three components used in the MDI panel namely:

  • CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Display
  • Power ON / OFF buttons
  • Alphanumeric Keyboard

The CRT displays the input given to the program. As a result, the errors in the program can be easily identified and rectified. It also shows the feed rate codes, geometric move codes, positional data, service request codes, and program addresses.

The alphanumeric keyboard is used in the MDI panel instead of the teach pendant. It helps to input the data like letters and numbers to the program. This keyboard contains read / write keys for reading or writing the data in the memory storage. It also has an input key to enter the data in the different paths, and a start key to begin the program operation.

The MDI panel has mode key, cursor keys, page down keys, make up keys, and programming keys. An added advantage in this system is that it can control many controllers by using a single MDI panel.

Teach Pendant:

A teach pendant is very much similar to the MDI panel. It is used to input the location data to the controller memory. It has several indicators to show co-ordination of axes, operation mode, and positional information. Other than that, it has a dead man button, programming keys, emergency stop, and axis jogging keys. It is very compact in size and therefore, it is easy to carry everywhere in the work volume. It can be incorporated in middle and high level controllers.

Computer Control:

Nowadays, every operation has become automated with the help of a computer. A computer that is controlling every operation in the industries is known as Flexible Manufacturing System. A single computer is enough to control various machining processes. The programming is done by either engineering workstations or CAD system. It can program, teach, and edit different registers, service codes, feed rate codes, geometric move codes, and control paths.

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