Robot workcell controller

Robot workcell controller (also known as the robot workstation controller) is employed for controlling the different activities that take place successively or simultaneously in the workplace. It also includes one important aspect of providing safety to the human operators. There are three types of tasks carried out by the workcell controller such as:

  • Sequence Control
  • Operator Interface
  • Safety Monitoring

Sequence control:

The most important task of a workcell controller in a normal automatic function is the sequence control. It comprises of several control functions like:

  • Controlling a series and simultaneous activities in the workstation.
  • Provides decisions for performing start, stop, or delay functions in the work cycle according to the activities occurred in the workcell.

The above control functions will appear while executing the regular operation in a standard robot workstation.

Operator interface:

The operator interface is used in the workstation controller for providing the interaction between the human workers and workcell operation. It is required in some of the important conditions like:

  • Emergency stop
  • Program editing
  • Data input

In a robot workplace, the human operators will have several works to be performed on the robot like part loading and unloading, and more. At this time, the start and stop controls are used by the workers in order to protect them from physical damages.

Safety monitoring:

Sometimes, the human workers may be injured severely while performing too close with the robots. To overcome this problem, several safety measures are taken by implementing sensors. Moreover, a workcell controller should have the ability to monitor its individual function for hazardous situations. It is known as hazard or safety monitoring.

A robot controller is capable of coordinating the above three functions, or else a programmable controller can also be used. Generally, a robot controller will have only limited capacity and so advanced controller are incorporated to perform the complicated operations. In addition, the consideration of robot programming capabilities will help in employing an efficient workcell controller.

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