Robotic eye surgery system

Thijs Meenink, a researcher and Ph.D. student of Netherlands’ Eindhoven University of Technology has invented ‘Robotic Eye Surgery System’ for performing eye operations. This system is somewhat similar to the da Vinci robotic surgery system.

For your information, da Vinci robotic surgery system has a chair in which the surgeon sits to operate a patient with the help of its three-dimensional display, robotic arms, several hand controls, and surgical instruments. This system allows the surgeon to operate the patient’s body with the small openings. The major advantage is that the patient and surgeon can be located in different places to perform the surgery.

To operate the Robotic Eye Surgery System, a steady hand is required. As a result, Meenik’s two – armed Slave robotic component and dual – joystick Master control is incorporated for filtering the shakes made by hand. It is done by measuring the movements of surgeon’s hands. For example: if the operator’s hand is moved to a centimeter by mistake, then the system will allow the tool to move only one millimeter.

Robotic Eye Surgery System requires up to 40 instrument changes during an eye operation. It has the needle – like instruments with only half millimeter thickness, and implements surgical scissors, drains, and forceps, which is capable of changing within seconds. This system is very accurate and as well as damaging of eye tissue is decreased.

Robotic Eye Surgery System will make the surgeon to feel the comfort of operating the instruments during the eye surgery with the help of joysticks. Moreover, this system allows the surgeon to sit in the upright position for providing easier operation. The researcher expects that his system can be used on the humans within five years.   

Overall, I believe that this system will surely make the eye surgeon’s happy because of its easy operation and risk free factors.

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