Robotic universal jamming gripper helps to throw objects

The mechanical engineers of Cornell University and physicists of University of Chicago have developed a Robotic Universal Jamming Gripper for shooting objects to some distance. This capability certainly allows the robot to shoot balls into a basket, throw different materials into their respective bins, and even play archery. DARPA’s DSO (Defense Sciences Office) has supported this research through a U.S. Army Research Office Grant.

The robotic gripper generally squeezes an object and grips it by creating negative air pressure. When the vacuum is released, the object in the gripper also gets released. At this process, the researchers have discovered that the gripper would be unsuccessful in restoring to its actual size after continuous gripping. To overcome this problem, the air pressure was reversed for releasing the objects and as well as bringing the gripper into its original position.

Surprisingly, this accomplishment has improved the performance of the gripper to a larger extent, and also made the gripper to throw objects to some distance by quick release. Moreover, this universal gripper delivers good throwing capability than other type grippers.

The researchers say that the robotic universal jamming gripper will help to increase the work volume of a robot with its shooting capabilities. In addition, it is capable of picking up different types of objects as well as multiple objects at once. This collaborative team has also decided to add more useful features in the gripper on their next development stage.

Watch the various throwing capabilities of robotic universal jamming gripper in the video given below.

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