Advanced Mechanics in Robotic Systems

Advanced Mechanics in Robotic System is a book for those who are very much interested to know the mechanical techniques for designing their own robot models. It was written by Prof. Nestor Eduardo Nava Rodriguez of Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain.

This book includes mechanical designs with various diagrams, flow charts, and tables. It also brings case studies that are related to the Mechatronics projects. Additionally, it covers a chapter which has various descriptions on control architecture design.

The chapters discussed in this book are Robotics hands, Humanoid robots, Mobile robots, Human-centered Mechatronics, Parallel manipulators, and Mechanical Design Thinking of Control Architecture.

This robotic book was published by Springer (First Edition) on July 25, 2011. It costs only $119.52 in Amazon.

Other details regarding this book: ISBN-13: 978-0857295873 and ISBN-10: 085729587X.

All in all, Advanced Mechanics in Robotic Systems will be a good book for the readers and researchers in terms of learning original mechanical design of robotic fields.

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