Top impressive robots at CES 2013

Recently, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada from January 8th to 11th. Over 3000 exhibitors displayed their innovative products under various categories like Automotive Electronics, Wireless Devices, Accessories, Embedded Technology, etc. Among them, several newly developed robots have also dominated the show floor, and an overview of such impressive robots is described below:

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

An unexpected revealing news of new Lego’s Mindstorms EV3 has increased the interests of all ages. A video of its latest version is shown in the above. It allows you to develop up to 17 different robots including scary animals like scorpions and snakes. The intelligent Brick gives an opportunity to the users to edit or modify the commands for the first time ever. Therefore, it has attracted the kids and programming enthusiasts.

Giant Robot Spider

The above video brings you the details and test drive of giant robot spider. This great piece of engineering was developed by Jonathan Tippett. It can be powered either by Lithium Ion Phosphate battery or 3 KV mobile solar. It is operated just like a bulldozer in which one lever is used for moving forward and other for backward.

Giant Robot Snake

Get the details of the giant robot snake in the above video. This joint electromechanical snake is made up of several microcontroller brains and controlled by a wireless control box. It is a 40 feel long robot, which can be expanded up to 50 feet. Overall, it is an amazing piece of engineering.

Winbot 7

Catch the action of Winbot 7 in the above video. This window cleaning robot sticks to the glass with the help of suction rings. Before it starts cleaning, it monitors the most efficient path to travel and clean it. It uses a cleaning pad to soak and release the dirt while the squeegee wipes it away. It also has a second pad in the back to dry it up. Moreover, it is packed with a lot of safety features in avoiding falling of the robot. It is expected to hit the markets in the mid year for a price range of US$299 to $399.

TOSY mRobo

Watch the dancing of two Tosy mRobo in the above video. It was a great performance by two robots, one dancing for Psy’s Gangnam Style and other for LMFAO’s Sexy and I know It. TuneRobo Software has been used in mRobo Ultra Bass by Derek Hough to create the dancing steps that were performed on the stage. It is a 2GB mp3 player with an inbuilt speaker facility. This impressive dancing robot is priced for $200.

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