Robotville festival shows over 20 robots

The celebration of the most exciting Robotville festival has been successfully finished at London’s Science Museum today. It was a free event that had more than 20 innovative robots, which was demonstrated by their own creators. There were many astonishing inventions such as Cockroach Robot, Shadow Dexterous Hand, Dexmart, Pressure – Sensing Fish, and several numbers of Androids. Let us have a quick look to some of the significant androids that may be useful for the development of ‘future of robotics.’


Nao is one of the most familiar and liked humanoid robots in the Robotville festival. It is a programmable, small, autonomous, and versatile robot, which was developed by Aldebaran Robotics. It was introduced in the RoboCup (Robot Soccer World Cup), and one of its versions has been selected as the platform for SPL (Standard Platform League) on 2010.

During the event, Nao showed some of its abilities like telling stories, walking around a room, tracking a ball visually, singing, and even dancing. In near future, it can be used in your home for household purposes.


IURO (Interactive Urban Robot) was developed by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, which is capable of communicating with peoples. It looks to be somewhat natural with its human-like face and hair. During group conversations, it can correctly turn its head from one person to another for talking with them. This robot can be used for picking information from the humans. Moreover, it can ask for directions from different peoples to locate its way.


FLASH is a test for implementing human expressions on the robots. It was designed by the Wroclaw University of Technology. The full form of FLASH is Flexible LIREC (Living With Robot and Interactive Companions) Autonomous Social Helper. It shows various emotions on its three exchangeable heads, which are known as Samuel, Emys, and Romek. The Emys can provide happiness, angry, sadness, shock, surprise, and tired face emotions, while the other two heads only make simple human-like emotions.


iCub was another impressive robot for the children on the Robotville festival. It came from the Italian Institute of Technology, which is capable of learning its abilities from the humans. It has illumination eyebrows and mouth for showing its emotions. On the event, one of them showed a red ball to it. An amazing fact was that it not only turned its head towards the ball, but also tried to reach the ball for picking up on its hand. Additionally, it can shoot arrows with bow, crawl, and hold light weight objects.

Apart from above four, there were another five humanoid robots such as KASPAR, Concept, CHARLY, Eccerobot, and Dora along with them on the Robotville festival.

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