Sand Flea robot gets capability to leap 30 feet high

The above video brings you the latest performance of Sand Flea jumping robot. This new leaping robot is designed by Boston Dynamics with the fund provided by DARPA, JIEDDO (Joint IED Defeat Organization), and the Rapid Equipping Force. Boston Dynamics is well-known for its AlphaDog, BigDog, and other military robots.

The previous versions of this robot were developed by Sandia National Labs, which jumps in the air during motion. But the Sand Flea robot stops, rears up, and clears the obstacles. It can leap up to 30 feet (9 meters) heights in the air. Moreover, it does not require any refueling up to 25 jumps.

Sand Flea robot is equipped with CO2 – powered piston for propelling purposes. An onboard gyroscopic stabilization system in this robot provides controlled landing and perfect video capturing in the flight.

Sand Flea jumping robot is also capable of traveling in rough and rocky terrain (shown in the above video). Overall, this robot could be useful in several operations like search and rescue, planetary exploration, etc.

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