Spot Welding Robot

A robot that is used for fusing two sheet metal parts together by applying huge electric current at a preferred point is called as Spot Welding Robot. It uses a couple of copper alloys for passing the electric current to a welding part. This robot is one of the frequently used processes in the manufacturing industries.

In olden days, the spot welding was done by means of two ways such as:

  • Spot welding machine, and
  • Spot welding gun.

The spot welding machine was perfect for producing weld in the small parts. The spot welding guns were used for performing in the big parts, and they were mostly installed in the automobile industry. As it was attached with large cables, it weighs more than 100lb. The apparatus was placed in an overhead hoist system for providing easy manipulation of the gun. However, it was very awkward for a human man to control. They also failed in welding the products with consistency. As a result, the spot welding robots were employed.

Features of Spot Welding Robots:

The spot welding robots are incorporated with a spot-welding gun at the end of a robot wrist, which is placed instead of an end effector. This robot will perform spot welding operation by executing a program. There are many spot welding robots used in the automobile applications.

A spot welding robot requires several features for implementing the spot welding operation. Some of them are:

  • It must be huge in size, and capable of handling heavy loads.
  • It must have many DOF’s (Degree of Freedom), and high memory.
  • It must have the skill to change the programs.

An example of spot welding robot is ABB IRB 6620 model.

Advantages of Spot Welding Robots:

  • Quality of the product is improved,
  • Highly safety for the operators,
  • Repeatability,
  • Reduced labour cost,
  • Less maintenance, and
  • Improved control in the operation.

Disadvantages of Spot Welding Robots:

  • It has heavy weight guns (200 lbs),
  • Less flexibility causes poor spot welding,
  • Very hazardous to the atmosphere, and
  • Consistent speed is required.
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