Strong Limbed SCHAFT Robot gets displayed

Is it possible to develop a robot with superhuman strength? Most of them will say yes, but it is not that much easy as we see in Hollywood films. To create a high-powered robot requires powerful electric motors, which are lacking for long years. Even Honda’s ASIMO is capable of picking up a few kilograms. It is estimated that adult robots have got one-tenth of strength than the average person.

SCHAFT Inc., a Japanese company has come out with its patented new actuator, which can make muscles of robots much stronger. They used a biped robot named HRP3L from Kawada Industries to test their Urata Leg. The Urata Leg incorporated a high-output capacitor powered water cooled motor system instead of standard servos. An inclusion of advanced bipedal control algorithms along with this system helped the robot to uphold its balanced when kicked.

A high voltage and high current liquid-cooled motor driver acts as the heart of this system, which is powered by a capacitor. The capacitor has the capability to supply the current, fast and consistent than the batteries. As a result, the electric motor gets the ability to provide high torque and high speed to the arm.

SCAFT Inc. will display their innovative motors in the DARPA Challenge. The company will start marketing their compact and powerful robot’s arm.

The below video brings you the complete prototype of SCHAFT Robot:

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