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In-Line robot work cell

An In-Line robot cell arrangement has a movable conveyor with the work parts. This conveyor travels near the robots for performing a function on the work parts. This type of arrangement is mostly used in the automobile industries for assembling the car bodies. To be more specific, the robots are placed beside the assembly line […]

Mobile robot work cells

Mobile robot work cell comes under the category of the robot cell layouts. Robot-centered work cell and In-line robot work cell are also one of the categories in this cell design. In the mobile robot work cells, the robots are arranged to move at different places in the cell. It is made possible by attaching […]

Robot-centered work cell

In industries, the working unit of a robot can be prepared in three different arrangements such as: Robot-centered work cell Mobile robot work cell In-line robot work cell In this article, the first arrangement (Robot-centered cell) is described briefly below: Design of Robot-centered cell: Robot-centered cell is one of the commonly used layouts in the […]