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Mobile Controlled Robot via GSM

Controlling a robot wirelessly is possible with several methods such as Remote, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. But, the controls of these communication methods are limited to certain areas, and complicated to design as well. To overcome these difficulties, we have come up with a Mobile Controlled Robot. A Mobile Controlled Robot is a mobile device, which […]

Edge Avoider Robot

Introduction: Edge Avoider Robot (EAR) is a mobile device, which senses and avoids the absence of surface below it. This simple concept was designed by our RB researchers in order to help your robot to protect from falling. As like our previous robotic projects, this robot is also made without microcontroller to make everyone more […]

Light Following Robot

Introduction: The light following robot is a mobile machine which is capable of detecting and following the light source on the traveling path. It is developed without the help of a micro-controller for providing easier connections and understanding of the circuit. It requires fewer numbers of electronic components and very cost-effective as well. The concept […]

A Simple Line Following Robot

Abstract: Nowadays, every robot is done with the help of the microcontroller, and hence the circuit is too big and tough to understand. For that reason, this Intelligent Line follower robot is developed with a simple concept. This robot is a mobile device that detects and follows the line drawn on the floor. The path […]