Thymio II enhances your child’s creativity

Thymio II is an educational robot developed by the researchers at EPFL Lausanne in Switzerland. It doesn’t cost much, just $100, and you can spend your valuable money in this robot to help your child to learn many new things instead of making them a bookworm.

Thymio II is incorporated with several sensors and actuators like:

  • Three-Axis Accelerometer – measures suitable acceleration.
  • Five Proximity Sensors – detects the presence of close objects.
  • Two Ground Sensors – follows a line.
  • Temperature Sensor

A 3D-designed picture shown above highlights the components available in Thymio II.

Other important components equipped in this robot are: a memory card slot for storing sounds, an USB connection for recharging and programming, 39 LED to specify robot functionality, and five capacitive touch buttons for easy operation.

Your kid can also develop their knowledge on programming with the help of Aseba (a simple programming language provided by EPFL). It is open-source software, and you can download it through the internet.

Thymio II can adapt to several modes by just one click such as:

  • Investigator – tracks the line drawn on the floor.
  • Explorer – avoids obstacles.
  • Coward – identifies impacts and free spaces.
  • Friend – follows an object.

The below video brings you the overview of Thymio II educational robot:

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