Toshiba’s improved SCARA Robots – THL 300 & THL 400

The THL 300 & THL 400 SCARA series are the brand new small robots of Toshiba Machine. Both these series represent their respective names from their arm lengths such as 300 mm and 400 mm. It features die cast aluminum arms as like their previous THL models. But, the arms are designed lighter in weight than the other THL series.

These small-sized SCARA robots have 4 axes work envelope and 360 degree Z-axis rotation. As they are capable of carrying a maximum payload of 5.0 kilograms, they could be better in the following areas performing small part handling and assembly works:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices
  • Small Automotive Parts
  • Consumer Products
  • Cell Phones

The lighter design of these THL series reduces the required supporting and vibration suppression elements, but includes gears and motors with ease to maintain abilities. When compared with other similar SCARA robots, the speed of the motor is very high in these THL models. As a result of this feature, the cycle times are 0.48 seconds with a 2.0 kilogram load.

The lighter design also results in low-energy consumption. It is said that these two THL series consume up to 20% less power than the other THL low-power series. Moreover, the price tag for the THL 300 and THL 400 are lower up to 30% than the previous models.


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