SketRobo and DiscoRobo gets unveiled at IFA 2012

TOSY Robotics, a leading Vietnamese robot manufacturing company is well known for their TOPIO ping-pong playing robot. Now, they have recently showed off their two new robots namely SketRobo and DiscoRobo (see the left picture) at IFA Electronics Show in Berlin.

SketRobo is a drawing robot that can draw various pre-programmed images at a matter of time. It has an ink pen at its right hand, and a pad with paper at its lap. In their next development stage, it will include a camera in their eyes for capturing and drawing images at real time. At IFA 2012, this robot showed its skill of drawing from their 200 pre-programmed images.

Another robot named as DiscoRobo is an entertainer robot that dances to the beat of music played. It looks very lively with its corresponding facial expressions. This hi-tech robot could be a great friend for kids all over the world.

SketRobo and DiscoRobo will be sold from 2013, and their prices are still unleashed.

The performance of both these robots at IFA is shown in the below video.

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