Types of costs required for developing a robot

In a robot project, there are two types of cost statistics available for performing the economic analysis such as:

  • Investment costs
  • Operating costs

Types of costs included in the investment costs:

Several types of costs that come under the investment costs are robot purchase cost, installation costs, engineering costs, special tooling, and miscellaneous costs.

  • Robot purchase cost refers to the primary cost of a robot. In this condition, the robot will have suitable abilities for performing an operation. Moreover, it does not include the end effector.
  • Installation costs possess the human workers and equipments required for assembling the installation site.
  • Engineering costs include the price of design prepared by the engineering staff of the industry for installing the robot.
  • Special tooling comprises the price of part positioners, end effector, and other equipments that are necessary for processing the workstation.
  • Miscellaneous costs include other investment costs that do not come under the above types.

Types of costs included in the operating costs:

The operating costs cover several costs like direct labor cost, indirect labor cost, maintenance cost, utilities, and training.

  • The direct labor cost adds the price given to a human worker for operating the robot workcell. It includes the fringe advantages to evaluate the direct labor price, and excludes other overhead costs.
  • The indirect labor cost includes the price of management, programming, arrangement, and miscellaneous costs that are not related with anyone of the above six types.
  • Maintenance cost involves the expected price for maintaining and servicing a robot in a workcell.
  • Utilities possess the costs of electricity, gas, air pressure, and other utilities, which are used for operating a robot workcell.
  • As the training cost comes under the basic installation cost, it may be considered as an investment cost. The reason for including this category in operating cost is that it is a continuing activity.
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