UC develops a Firefighting Robot for helping Firefighters

As the use of firefighting robots has started to increase, many related improvements are taken so often to make it powerful. One of the latest inventions is the Segway-like Firefighting Robot developed by the Engineers at the University of California, San Diego. This firefighting robot helps in providing the happenings at a burning building to the human firefighters before they enter, which certainly alerts them in safe and smart work in saving human lives.

This self-balancing firefighting robot includes an infrared camera and two RGB video cameras. These three cameras help the robot to develop 3D maps with temperature data. The RGB images allow the firefighters to find out the hot spots and human bodies available inside the burning building. These details are passed to the firefighters wirelessly almost in real time.

This two-wheeled firefighting robot has a central vertical leg, which can slide up and down to go over obstacles and to climb stairs. The robot is also capable of sensing the presence of volatile gases and structural reliability of the burning building.

Overall, this firefighting robot puts the firefighters at less risk and helps to save human lives.

The below video shows you how this firefighting robot works:

Source: Gizmag

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