Vacuum grippers

Vacuum grippers are used in the robots for grasping the non ferrous objects. It uses vacuum cups as the gripping device, which is also commonly known as suction cups. This type of grippers will provide good handling if the objects are smooth, flat, and clean. It has only one surface for gripping the objects. Most importantly, it is not best suitable for handling the objects with holes.

Vacuum cups:

Generally, the vacuum cups (suction cups) will be in the round shape. These cups will be developed by means of rubber or other elastic materials. Sometimes, it is also made of soft plastics. Moreover, the vacuum cups are prepared of hard materials for handling the soft material objects.

Two different devices are used in the suction cups for creating the vacuum. They are:

  • Venturi
  • Vacuum pump

Venturi device is operated with the help of shop air pressure, while the vacuum pump is driven either by means of vane or piston device. The vacuum pump has the ability to create the high vacuum. As the venturi is a simple device, it is more reliable and inexpensive. Both these devices are very well capable of providing high vacuum if there is a sufficient supply of air pressure.

Types of vacuum grippers:

  • The ball joint type vacuum gripper is capable of changing into various contact angles automatically. Moreover, the bending moments in the vacuum cups are also decreased. It is used for carrying irregular materials, heavy objects, etc.
  • A vacuum gripper with level compensator can be very helpful in balancing the objects with different levels. It also has the capability to absorb the shocks.

Applications of vacuum grippers:

  • Vacuum grippers are highly useful in the heavy industries, automobiles, compact disc manufacturing, and more for material handling purposes.
  • It is also used in the tray & box manufacturing, labeling, sealing, bottling, and so on for packaging purposes.
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