First outdoor assessment of LS3 AlphaDog robot

On October 2011, we had our first look on Boston Dynamics LS3 AlphaDog military robot inside the lab. It is now tested in outdoor for the first time, and its performance is shown in the above video. In this demonstration, you can see the AlphaDog moving on the uneven terrains comfortably with huge loads.

The first thing noticed on the AlphaDog was its sound, which was slightly quieter than its big brother BigDog. DARPA, the fund provider for AlphaDog says that the major difficulty faced by soldiers in the battle field is the physical overburden. To overcome this problem, AlphaDog can be used to carry loads up to 181 kilograms.

There are some of the features yet to be checked and validated in the AlphaDog such as:

  • Carrying loads of 400 lbs until 20 miles in one day without refueling
  • Following a particular individual using vision sensors
  • Automatic correction of obstacles in the pathway
  • Recognition of speak commands like stop, sit, or come here
  • Recharging the batteries of radios and other handheld devices

Overall, AlphaDog robot will be a handy animal in a combat if it successfully completes the above tests.

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