Three Quadrocopters join hands to throw and catch a ball

Watch the interesting ball play by flying quadrocopters in the above video. In the demo, three flying quadrocopters are coupled together using an elastic net to toss and catch a ball cooperatively. This video was recently released at ETH Zurich’s Flying Machine Arena.

We have already seen several flying robots performing various brilliant tasks like building a six meter high tower, playing James Bond theme music, etc. But these quadrocopters do something exceptional than other flying robots to prove their cooperative capabilities.

The quadrocopters tosses the ball in air by moving outward quickly. In this span of time, the net gets stretched and a suitable force is generated to throw the ball. As soon as the tension on the net gets released, the quadrocopters will be forced inward and must stabilize suddenly to protect from collision. After overcoming these difficulties, they make a better position to catch the ball cooperatively.

Overall, it is really an amazing achievement, and I personally like to say thanks to the Swiss researchers for implementing the cooperation capabilities on flying robots.

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