IAIís robot performs barber works

The above video brings you the performance of a Robot Barber developed by Intelligent Automation Inc (IAI), Rockville, Md.-based R&D Company mainly focused on AI applications. It is actually known as the MA-UGV (Multi-Arm Unmanned Ground Vehicle). This robot is designed with the support from U.S. Armyís TARDEC (Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center).

The first person to get his head shaved by this robot is Tim (shown in the above video). At the start, he was little bit scared about the result. When you see this video, I think you too will be scared with this robot performance. However, the robot has managed to shave his head without causing any damages to him.

IAIís MA-UGV is equipped with three arms, which provides 29 degrees of freedom for skillful handling. Each arm incorporates a camera for displaying the various angle pictures in the computer. It is typically designed to perform several military tasks like tool handling, door breaching, backpack inspection, knot tying, tackling Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), and shovel manipulation.

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