PR III A walking paper robot

Today, I have brought you the construction of PR-III (Paper Robot III) in the above video. I hope that you will be excited by the performance of the bipedal paper robot as I am. It was developed by a Japanese paper-model enthusiast from the origin of PR-I and PR-II robots.

This walking paper robot is completely made up of papers. It also includes some wooden shafts, paper mechanisms, and elastic bands for driving the robot. A crank connected to the gears helps to power the legs of robot to move forward by decreasing the speed of revolution achieved from the elastic band mechanism. The concept may be simple, but making it possible is a challenging task. After various errors and trails, the robot has attained proper balance while walking.

The self-assembly kit of a PR-III walking robot is sold for a price of ?3000 (without shipping charges). Overall, get one to gain different experience on constructing a paper robot.

To buy one, click here.

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