Get a free Husky A200 for your robotics research

The above video brings you the action of Husky A200 unmanned ground vehicle developed by Clearpath Robotics. They have set up a PartnerBot Research Grant in which a Husky A200 is sponsored for an industrial-based mobile robot research per annum.

Clearpath’s PartnerBot program funds one Husky A200 UGV, which is custom-made for your research to a total price of $25000.

To get one, all you want to do is to:

  • Have a project ready with funding
  • Release your research
  • Use Robot Operating System (ROS) development framework
  • Establish your ROS code to the community.

The deadline for applying a free Husky A200 is 01 August, 2012. Overall, I hope that many researchers will make use of this opportunity to test their research instead of buying a new one.

For more details about PartnerBot, visit the below link:

Clearpath Robotics

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