Dr. Guero’s Balancing Bipedal Robot

The above video brings you an amazing bipedal robot, which can balance itself with its thin stick-like base. It was tested in various places like tree, uneven ground, park bench, slope, and even on a tight rope. As a robotics lover, it was a pleasant experience for me to have a look on such a great performance.

This robot was developed by Dr. Guero (Masahiko Yamaguchi), who is a roboticist expert in creating pet robots with new technologies. His previous invention was a mini bipedal robot driving a bicycle. It was cool as like this new robot.

This balancing bipedal robot is an alteration of Kondo KHR-3HV robotic kit. The gyro and accelerometer sensor in this robot helps it to maintain its equilibrium by making slight adjustments to its legs and arms. It is also capable of balancing in unmovable slopes up to 45 degrees.

Overall, it was a great piece of work performed by Dr. Guero, and I like to thank him for making his brilliant thoughts happen.

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