Get the New Massaging Experience with WheeMe Robot

The above video displays the working of a WheeMe robot. WheeMe is a massage robot that navigates smoothly on your body to offer the most genuine massaging experience. It was developed by DreamBots, and recently displayed at CES 2013.

This palm-sized massage robot has two arm sticks on its top to sense the edges of the body. It also includes a tilt sensor technology to automatically avoid falling off while rolling over your body. The roughness of the wheels and a rotor finger will provide a really enjoyable sense of physical pressure.

WheeMe robot weighs only 330 grams (with batteries) and measures 128 x 9.6 x 8.0 mm. It moves at a speed of 4 cm/sec, and available in two different colors such as red and blue. It requires three AA batteries (1.5V), which is not included in the kit.

WheeMe massage robot is sold at a price of US $99.98. It is currently available in the UK, Netherlands, USA, Canada, India, Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. It will soon hit the markets of Russia, Italy, Israel, and South America.

Overall, the WheeMe massage robot could give you a real massaging experience right at your home anytime. All you want to do is to lie down, and place WheeMe on the top of your body to enjoy the pleasant relaxation.

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